This publication has been formed under the banner of Firstness as a declaration of intellectual war against its denial by the liberal worldview. This affirmation is an affirmation of authority as inalienably constitutive of the human experience. This journal will house an intellectual vanguard who will take the fight to politically institutionalized ways of thinking on behalf of this affirmation. Significance always arrives as something to be revered, the very notion of a social order therefore implies the recognition and enforcement of this reverence.

Jurisprudence, political economy, sociology and all other political theory must be radically rethought in these terms to have any legitimate value. The liberal project of denying the role of authority in the formation of society is ultimately a denial of the very notion that society itself has a purpose or meaning. Any sufficiently ambitious inquiry into authority will therefore dive deeply into history, metaphysics and theology to rediscover its source and Will.

This publication will attempt a novel synthesis of influences and disciplines with the goal of producing genuinely new ways of thinking about the contemporary political situation. Our goal is to open up new discursive directions and mutate currently popular thought beyond its limitations, we will therefore entertain a degree of difference in perspective across our contributing writers. However, no one will write for this journal who does not affirm what I have laid out here.

Joel Davis